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Author: Dr. Moore

Bottom of the Heel and Arch Pain

Posted March 14, 2022 by Dr. Moore

That first step out of bed in the morning is not only the most pain, but the most frustrating part of heel pain for my patients. Then, there is the enigma of “warming it up” by walking around and stretching, but only to have the pain return if the patient rests or sits down for […]

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Tailor’s Bunion Treatment – Bunionette Surgery

Posted March 14, 2022 by Dr. Moore

Not the exact translation, but the latin origin for ‘Bunion’ is a ‘Bump’ of bone. The most common bunion deformity is at the first big toe joint (metatarsal phalangeal joint). The more painful varieties are actually the joint dislocating and require a more difficult surgery with a longer recovery time. The Tailor’s bunion or Bunionette […]

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Ankle Pain and Swelling

Posted November 29, 2021 by Dr. Moore

The ankle is one of the more complicated joints in the body. It undergoes a high degree of stress, torque, and repetitive strain. It is also a much smaller joint that supports larger joints above. Ankle sprains, fractures, strains, swelling, ‘catching’, ‘giving out’, general ‘ankle instability‘ and active processes like arthritis cause pain and sometimes […]

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6 Common Fungal and Ingrown Toenail FAQs

Posted June 15, 2021 by Dr. Moore

[Transcript below] Let’s talk about ingrown toenails and the biggest fear my patients have – not that it’s going to hurt that much, although that is one of their fears – it’s how ugly it’s going to look or how much of the toenail edge you’re going to remove. So in short, once the area […]

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