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Ankle Instability

What is Ankle Instability?

Chronic ankle instability occurs after repeated ankle twists and sprains, which causes a recurring instability in the lateral side of the ankle.

Those with chronic ankle instability usually report a repeated turning of the ankle, consistent swelling and discomfort, tenderness, and the ankle feeling unsupported and “wobbly.”

Repeated injury to the ankle can perpetuate chronic ankle instability, since each sprain or turn further weakens the ligaments.

person walking crookedly on land
person holding his ankle in pain

How We Treat Ankle Instability

We will recommend either conservative treatment or surgical treatment for ankle instability depending on the patient’s medical history, level of pain, and other determining factors.

Conservative Ankle Instability Treatment Options

Physical Therapy

Patients involved in physical therapy can use this type of treatment to exercise the muscles around the ankle, which will help them to improve their balance and range of motion.


Wearing an ankle brace can help add support to the ankle and prevent it from giving way and incurring additional sprains.


Pain medications and anti-inflammatory drugs including ibuprofen can be used to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation, but cannot be looked at as a long-term solution.

Surgical Treatment for Ankle Instability

Based on the degree of instability, surgical treatment for this type of ankle issue can be recommended. Lateral ankle ligament reconstruction involves repairing the damaged ligaments on the outside of the ankle and creating additional support.

This type of surgery usually takes place in one day on an outpatient basis and patients can typically go home the same day.

Surgical Treatment for Ankle Instability

Contact Moore Foot and Ankle Specialists today to discuss treatment options for chronic ankle instability and start your journey towards healing.

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