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Corrective Cosmetic Foot Surgery

At Moore Foot and Ankle, we refer to this type of surgery as “Corrective Cosmetic Foot Surgery”.  We do this because of the nature of this type of surgery – one that has corrective procedures that coincide with the cosmetic outcome.  Let’s be honest, all patients are looking for the top or best cosmetic foot surgeon to evaluate their foot problem, perform their foot surgery, and correct their foot deformity with the best aesthetic result.

But, we still believe that giving different treatment options is a top priority.

What Are The Different Types of Cosmetic Foot Surgery?

Cosmetic Foot Surgery has a few areas that are the most common that we can fix very easily and others can vary in their complexity. It is a specialty within a specialty and is not offered by most podiatrists or foot surgeons. Instead, you must find a foot specialist that has experience with this area of podiatry. And, when patients come in for Cosmetic Foot Surgery, we first ask “what do you want done, what displeases you, what is painful?”

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Our Process

We specialize in all podiatry treatment areas to deal with your foot problems and ankle problems including foot surgery and ankle surgery. One area where we have seen increasing interest is cosmetic foot surgery. We use surgical and non-surgical techniques to improve the appearance of what some patients perceive as ugly feet.

As a Houston podiatrist, we treat a myriad of different foot problems including Plantar Fasciitis, hammertoes, bunions, ingrown toenails, gout and everything in between; all of which are covered by health insurance.

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What Type Of Cosmetic Foot Surgery Is Right For Me?

This site is designed to help you understand and make informed choices about treatment options.


What is cosmetic foot surgery?

Cosmetic foot surgery is the same as other surgeries in this genre. Patients do not like the appearance of particular parts of their foot and want to have surgery to change the shape and look that is more pleasing as well as the ability to fit into attractive shoes. From the smaller incisions to the hidden sutures under the skin the objective is to have the best aesthetic outcome for each patient according to their needs.

How much is cosmetic foot surgery?

Like any surgery, the costs involve the surgeons fees, anesthesiologist fees, surgery center or hospital fees, as well as any lab testing or any surgical implants and biologics. They range from $1000 (usually small procedures performed in the clinic) to $20,000 (multiple procedures in the hospital that may include both feet).

Does insurance cover foot surgery?

We primarily perform “Corrective Cosmetic Foot Surgery.” This surgery is covered by insurance since we are addressing a deformity that has a true diagnosis code. These problems include the usual discomfort in shoes and other issues with activity that warrant a corrective procedure. The only difference between this type of corrective foot surgery is that both the smaller incision and type of surgeries emphasize a more aesthetic goal in combination with a better functional outcome.

What is Cinderella foot surgery?

There are many definitions attached to this iconic reference, but the general understanding is to perform surgery on a larger foot to make it fit into a particular shoe. A google search pulls up “The so-called Cinderella procedure is a preventive bunion correction that results in a narrower foot. The “Perfect 10!” is a toe-shortening operation that is meant to make the toes twinkle in sandals.”

In reality, these are the best types of surgeries to correct structural problems that make fitting shoes easier and more comfortably. Other bump removal procedures like the pump bump coined for this bone prominence at the back of the heel are simple to correct as well. The more aggressive procedures that are necessary to shorten the foot significantly as well as narrowing a size or two have extremely high risk and inconsistent outcome rates.

How long does it take to recover from corrective cosmetic foot surgery?

The recovery for cosmetic foot surgery is primarily the same as any other foot surgery. Where the lifestyle difficulties and length of recovery time both increase are the more complex surgeries, usually involving more attention on the bone, joint and tendon structures of the foot. For example, a toe or digital procedure allows the patient to walk after surgery and then back into a shoe when the incision is healed between 2 and 3 weeks. A joint procedure like the common Bunion surgery has different stages and requires different surgical procedures. For example, a moderate or severe bunion surgery with a large first metatarsal phalangeal joint angle requires an osteotomy or surgical bone fracture.

These procedures require the patient to remain completely non-weight bearing for 3-6 weeks depending upon both the procedure performed and the patient’s overall healing capabilities (age, medical conditions, medications, etc.). Returning to shoes, especially high heels, is a gradual process between 4-8 weeks depending on the patient’s overall health status, incision placement, scar tissue remodeling, and joint range of motion.

Cosmetic Foot Surgery Patient Testimonial

Cosmetic Bunion Surgery - No Metal Pins or Screws

This patient wanted a smaller incision and the biologic, absorbable pin that we use for this procedure. The bunion was painful in her dress shoes and since childhood she was unhappy with its appearance.

Lengthening & Shortening Toes

This patient came into the office for concerns about pain and the positioning of her toes.  She was back in shoes in 4 weeks after surgery.

From Our Google Reviews

I did my research and found Dr Moore’s office which is a good 3 hours away from me. I only wanted the best so I decided to have the consultation anyway. Immediately I was impressed by the way Dr Moore interacted with each of his patients. He listened to my concerns and from there made his plan of attack. In the end I had both feet done for my bunions along with my toes corrected. I just finished the 2nd foot in June and am fully recovered and getting back to my routine. I’m very happy and grateful for the end result! Thank you Dr Moore and staff!


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