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Ankle Fracture Treatment

Surgery vs. Conservative Care

All patients are looking for the top or best Ankle fracture surgeons to evaluate their ankle injury or perform their ankle fracture surgery.  We believe that giving different treatment options (non surgical treatment) is a top priority.

Ankle Fracture Xray image

At our practice our patients always have three choices:

  1. No Treatment (Consultation, Second Opinion, Additional Testing)
  2. Conservative Treatment (Medication, Injection Therapy, Custom Orthotics)
  3. Surgical Treatment (In Office, Out Patient – Local / Sedation / General Anesthesia)

Each patient is different and conservative treatment vs. surgical correction both differ for the particular type of problem, age and lifestyle.  The right treatment must also meet the patient’s expectations in regard to resolution of their problem(s) and future functionality.  And if conservative treatment fails, the option to not have surgery is as important as the surgery chosen by your surgeon.  Of course, surgical training is very important, and continuing medical education on the latest medical advancements is important as well, but it’s the careful planning before and after surgical treatment that produces the best outcome.

How do you know when you have a fractured Ankle?

Ankle fractures can occur in the tibia and/or fibula as well as other associated bones in the foot depending on the positioning and type of injury. They vary in severity from a “crack” in the bone to complete separation or in multiple pieces. All ankle injuries especially ones where a fracture is suspected need to be evaluated by a physician with standard x-rays taken or other advanced testing.


Weight Bearing:


Fractures need protection from motion in most cases in the foot. Keeping pressure off the area is the best way to minimize separation of the bone that is fractured. Crutches, walkers, wheel chairs and strollers are helpful.

Ice: support:

Ice: support: Insolated cold packs applied on and off of the injury for 72 hours helps to reduce swelling and discomfort. Then alternating ice and heat every 15 to 20 minutes will help with the bruising and continued swelling.


Medication: Anti-inflammatory medication can help with the chronic pain, but are not much help with the acute pain. Multivitamins especially ones rich in C and D with calcium will help the healing process.


Casting: Casts are used for protection of the fracture area. Casts can be removable with Velcro straps or molded to the foot and ankle with plaster or fiberglass. Non-weight bearing ranges from 3 to 8 weeks.

Bone Stimulator:

Bone Stimulator: If a bone fracture is slow to heal after 6 weeks, a portable light weight machine can be placed around the fracture a few minutes out of the day to increase the chances of bone healing.


Breaks in the Skin:

A break in the skin in an area of a fracture is a MEDICAL EMERGENCY and will require surgery to prevent serious health complications caused by infection.

Internal Fixation:

Bones that can not be put back together in the office require surgery. Fractures that are inside a joint also require surgery to help minimize the likelihood of arthritis in the future. Surgery is done right after the injury or 1 to 2 weeks after the injury. Screws and thin strips of strong metal can be used to put the bone back together which allows the fracture the fastest and best chance of healing. This method of surgery allows a return to walking in 6 to 8 weeks depending on the fracture type and healing potential of the patient.

External Fixation:

Sometimes a complex fracture requires extra stability. The extra stability can be given by something that looks like a small “cage” around the ankle. This device helps to absorb forces away from the injury while reducing the length of surgical openings caused to the skin in order to fix the bone damage.

GRAPHIC CONTENT: This is a video of an actual surgery in our clinic from start to finish.

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If you are looking for a great doctor that cares about helping you and explains everything to you Thoroughly, Dr.Moore is the doctor for you! You can tell he genuinely cares about his patients and answered all of my questions. His staff was very friendly as well 🙂


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