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Reconstructive Foot Surgery

You shouldn’t have to live a life of pain. At Moore Foot and Ankle Specialists we offer a range of reconstructive services that will help treat and correct painful issues surrounding the foot, ankle, and toes. Our main goal is to relieve the pain and emotional hardship that can come with injury, arthritis, deformities, instability, and disfiguration. We want you to feel comfortable in your shoes.

Our Process

Our team of board certified doctors and physicians specialize in treating patients around the Houston area who are suffering from foot and ankle-related issues. When you come in for a consultation, we will discuss your areas of concern, and find out more about you and your lifestyle to decide on the right route of treatment. Whether you embark on a conservative or surgical treatment journey, Moore Foot and Ankle Specialists will make sure you know the proper aftercare and recovery expectations so you can feel confident in your healing.

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What Are the Different Types of Reconstructive Services?

Moore Foot and Ankle Specialists provide a wide variety of foot, ankle, and toe-related reconstructive services. Our experts are highly trained and experienced in the following:

What Type of Reconstructive Treatment Is Right for Me?


How long does it take to recover from reconstructive foot surgery?

The time it takes to recover from reconstructive foot surgery is completely dependent upon the procedure or procedures performed. For example, digital arthroplasties do not require a non-weight bearing status after surgery, but performing this surgery on every toe on both feet could be classified as a forefoot reconstructive surgery, which only takes 2-4 weeks for recovery. As for the mid-foot and rear foot surgeries with or without an arthrodesis or joint fusion procedure, the recovery can take 2 to 3 months or as long as a year.

What is reconstructive foot surgery?

Reconstructive foot surgery is a procedure or set of procedures that correct the anatomic structure of the foot to restore function and/or relieve pain.

How successful is flat foot surgery?

Flat foot surgery success is dependent upon the patient, foot condition, and surgery performed. For example, with the right candidate, a subtalar arthroereisis implant and custom molded orthotic can correct a pediatric flat foot. Other candidates who are older or have other complications like arthritis and tendon pathology can require internal hardware, joint fusions, or even external fixation devices that have a higher risk of sequela and poor surgical outcomes.

How soon after reconstructive foot surgery can you walk?

Walking or any weight bearing after reconstructive foot surgery depends on the patient, procedures and type of foot problem. Simple digital and forefoot reconstructive surgeries require a little as a few days of non-weight bearing or as long as 3 weeks. Midfoot and rearfoot reconstructive surgeries vary from 8 weeks non-weight bearing, to up to a year of partial weight bearing with physical therapy until a patient is able to walk without assistance.

What are the reasons people get reconstructive foot surgery?

The main reasons people get reconstructive foot surgery are pain, disfunction, or both. Other reasons include aesthetics or the inability to fit into shoes.

Take control of your body’s health and talk to an expert. Our expert team at Moore Foot and Ankle Specialists have years of experience caring for foot and ankle injuries and performing reconstructive services that can relieve pain and discomfort while giving you a renewed confidence in the look of your feet.

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