Tailor’s Bunion Treatment – Bunionette Surgery

March 14, 2022 by Dr. Moore

Not the exact translation, but the latin origin for ‘Bunion’ is a ‘Bump’ of bone. The most common bunion deformity is at the first big toe joint (metatarsal phalangeal joint). The more painful varieties are actually the joint dislocating and require a more difficult surgery with a longer recovery time.

The Tailor’s bunion or Bunionette is at the fifth metatarsal phalangeal joint and, in reality, is a bump of bone, just on the outside of the foot. The deformity can cause considerable pain due to the fact that there is a nerve branch on top of this joint and can also cause skin discoloration both from pressure with enclosed shoes. Some are more of an accentuated ‘bone spur’ on the outside of the fifth metatarsal head while others are more angled outward or intensified by a genetically wider forefoot.


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