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Custom Molded Orthotics / Prescription Arch Supports

What are Orthotic Inserts?

Orthotic inserts are shoe insoles that are designed to provide extra comfort and arch support and alleviate foot or heel pain.

They are also meant to encourage alignment and proper foot movement, differentiating them from the memory foam inserts you might see at a grocery or department store.

Custom Molded Orthotics

Orthotics are oftentimes specifically customized for each patient’s particular needs, and can be prescribed and even designed by a physician. From thinner dress orthotics to athletic tennis shoe orthotics, each of these customized inserts are constructed for durability with the appropriate flexibility.

Moore Foot and Ankle Specialists’ custom prescription orthotics from the orthopedic lab are constructed from a plaster cast taken of the patient in the office. The insert will last a lifetime and can be molded to any type of foot and for any type of shoe.

Dress Orthotics

Since “one size fits all” isn’t the case with orthotic inserts, specialized inserts exist for dress shoes and high heels.

These orthotics have a slimmer design and come in narrower cuts to fit stylish, professional dress shoes, while still maintaining the functionality and support of a “normal” orthotic insert.

Sport Orthotics

From hockey skates to old school cleats, our polypropylene thermo molded insert material will give and flex while providing quality support during any sport.

They are also designed using non-absorbable material and non-skid bottoms to wick away moisture and allow for easy cleaning after a game.

Work Orthotics

No matter your occupation, our work orthotics can provide the highest quality support for your feet and ankles. Oftentimes specialized shoes for construction workers, landscapers, or even first responders don’t provide the correct support for the job.

Our comfortable, supportive work orthotics will allow you to shift your focus from your feet to your career.

Plaster casted molds produce an exact, prescription support.

This is a video that shows the plaster casting technique for the construction of custom molded orthotic arch supports.

Over the years, the plaster molding technique has given the most consistent and precise custom orthotic devices for Moore Foot and Ankle Specialists’ patients.


What do custom orthotics cost?

Custom molded orthotics cost ranges are from $250 to $1000 depending upon the materials and warranty.

Should I wear orthotics all the time?

You should wear orthotics during any weight bearing activity. Some orthotics will not fit in certain shoes, and some normal shoes have inherent arch support that works well.

Do you need bigger shoes for orthotics?

For certain orthotics, bigger shoes are required due to their construction (wider, heel posting, extra padding, or forefoot extensions). Some of the newer and thinner orthotic materials do not need bigger shoes or modifications.

What happens if I stop wearing my orthotics?

Depending on the foot, ankle, knee, hip, or low back problem, the issues can return if you stop wearing your orthotics. Bare feet, flat shoes, sandals or other unsupported shoe gear are unavoidable in certain circumstances, but consistent use of orthotics should prevent symptoms from returning.

What are the best shoes for custom orthotics?

Most orthotic labs recommend a firmer shoe and more ankle support so the custom orthotic does not move inside of the shoe during activities. Another good shoe choice are the “anti-pronation,” heel-stabilization, or inner sole reinforced athletic varieties that prevent the orthotic from compressing inward during activities.

How long do custom foot orthotics last?

Custom foot orthotics can last a little as a few weeks and as long as a lifetime. The longevity of the custom foot orthotics depends upon the materials used and the orthotic design.

The more soft, compressible and additional layers of the material, the shorter the lifespan of the orthotic. Flexible thermo-molded materials like polypropylene can last for years, especially without additional layers and adding forefoot extensions.

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Before you throw away those gorgeous heels or high-end sneakers just because they’re uncomfortable, try our custom molded orthotic inserts. Contact Moore Foot and Ankle Specialists today to make an appointment or to find out more!

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