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Corrective Cosmetic Foot Surgery

Procedures, Costs, Recovery

At Moore Foot and Ankle, we refer to this type of surgery as “Corrective Cosmetic Foot Surgery”.  We do this because of the nature of this type of surgery – one that has corrective procedures that coincide with the cosmetic outcome.  Let’s be honest, all patients are looking for the top or best cosmetic foot surgeon to evaluate their foot problem, perform their foot surgery, and correct their foot deformity with the best aesthetic result.

But, we still believe that giving different treatment options is a top priority.

Corrective Cosmetic Foot Surgery

At our practice our patients always have three choices:

  1. No Treatment (Consultation, Second Opinion, Additional Testing)
  2. Conservative Treatment (Medication, Injection Therapy, Custom Orthotics)
  3. Surgical Treatment (In Office, Out Patient – Local / Sedation / General Anesthesia)

Specialize in all podiatry treatment areas to deal with your foot problems and ankle problems including foot surgery and ankle surgery. As a Houston podiatrist, we treat a myriad of different foot problems including Plantir Fasciitis, heel pain, foot pain, tendonitis, flat feet, hammertoes, bunions, ingrown toenail, gout and everything in between (all of which are covered by health insurance).

In addition, one area where we have seen increasing interest is cosmetic foot surgery (where we use surgical and non-surgical techniques to improve the appearance of what some patient’s perceive as ugly feet). As a Houston podiatrist and specialist in foot surgery, Cosmetic Foot Surgery is one of the most rewarding things about being a foot doctor.

Cosmetic foot surgery – multiple problem areas

A complete cosmetic foot surgery makeover in essence is specific to each patient. In this case, the bunion, bunionette, hammertoes, and skin / corn deformities that she had from birth were corrected on her right foot first.

Lengthening and Shortening Toes

This patient came into the office for concerns about pain and the positioning of her toes.  She was back in shoes in 4 weeks after surgery.

Cosmetic Foot Surgery: In the News

Shern-Min Chow from KHOU, Channel 11 news and her camera man did a great job on this cosmetic foot surgery piece. Had a great time and most importantly two of my patients were able to explain their stories. Best part of being a foot and ankle surgeon are the thankful patients and great outcomes.

Is Cosmetic Foot Surgery covered by insurance?

If there is a diagnosis, there is a covered treatment by health insurance”

All of the problems associated with bunions, bunionettes, hammertoes, corns, calluses, short toes, long toes, crooked toes, and bone spurs all have diagnostic codes called ‘ICD-10’.  They are descriptive for the deformity as well as the association with dysfunction or pain – and all covered by healthcare insurance.

I remember a patient coming in one day for some foot problems including ankle pain and noticed that she had some derangement of the toes (hammertoe, corn) and bump on the outside of her foot.

And, she mentioned how it was red, swollen and bothering her with exercise.

We discussed the corn removal, hammertoe repair surgery and addressing the quintessential bunionette deformity as well.

She said, “no, I just don’t have the money for that. It would be nice to fix those problems too, but I would like to have my ankle surgery that will be covered by my insurance plan.”

You can imagine how relieved she was when she found out that all the procedures were covered by insurance.

As a podiatrist and foot surgeon, that is one of the most common problems I think that I see in the office with Cosmetic Foot Surgery. Not so much “what’s going to happen and how are we going to fix this problem”?  Patients just assume it’s not covered.

Cosmetic Foot Surgery – Facts and Fiction



From Our Google Reviews

I did my research and found Dr Moore’s office which is a good 3 hours away from me. I only wanted the best so I decided to have the consultation anyway. Immediately I was impressed by the way Dr Moore interacted with each of his patients. He listened to my concerns and from there made his plan of attack. In the end I had both feet done for my bunions along with my toes corrected. I just finished the 2nd foot in June and am fully recovered and getting back to my routine. I’m very happy an grateful for the end result! Thank you Dr Moore and staff!




This patient came into the office for concerns about pain and the positioning of her toes. The pain was diagnosed as a neuroma which responded to cortisone injections initially. The toe ‘splaying’ or spreading was actually a dislocation and Plantir plate tear. This was from an accident although this can happen with excessive force during exercise, sports, or spontaneously.

The surgery went well and this is her 8 week post operative visit. Many thanks to the representatives at Anthrax who provided the equipment from their CPR system and procedure modification we used for this unique problem.

Click here for a demonstration of the CPR scorpion surgical equipment.


In particular, what’s great about cosmetic foot surgery are the stories behind some of the outcomes and some of the patients who’ve had great results (when they were not experiencing foot pain, but instead where experiencing psychological pain, often much worse than physical foot problems).

One of which was a young lady who came into the office and was very embarrassed about her feet and as a man, you just don’t think about these things. She was not only nervous but a little bit weepy eyed and her mom was there and I could feel the stress in the room.

And I just asked “what are you here for, what would you like and how can I help you with your feet?”

She went on to talk about how thought she had ugly feet and toes.

“What do you mean? Is it the way your toes are curled up or the way this bump is over here?”

And, she just started crying. She said “I can’t even go to the pool with my friends. I’m 17 and I’m about to go to college and just I’m so embarrassed that I don’t even want to wear open toed shoes.” It was moving and as a foot specialist, I was determined to help this patient. And, by the time, we actually discussed the foot surgery and had it scheduled, she was a little bit more confident. But, more importantly, we talked through everything to the point where she felt like “ok, this is going to be a new start for me”. Those are the kinds of things that make being a cosmetic foot surgeon and Houston podiatrist a fantastic vocation.

But, even the aftermath with taking the stitches out and the whole visits with the family and the mom. We got to know each other. It was a neat feeling that when the scar tissue finally regressed and her toes did look normal, she came into the office and gave me a big hug and said just how happy she was to be able to wear sandals and go to the beach and not be embarrassed and it’s those types of things you never forget.

What are the different types of Cosmetic Foot Surgery?

Cosmetic Foot Surgery is a specialty within a specialty and is not offered by most podiatrists or foot surgeons. Instead, you must find a foot specialist that has experience with this area of podiatry. And, when patients come in for Cosmetic Foot Surgery, I first ask “what do you want done, what displeases you, what is painful?”

Once we get through all that, I can explain to them that Cosmetic Foot Surgery has a few areas that are the most common that we can fix very easily and others can vary in their complexity.

So For example, the patient comes in for the big toe joint or bunion treatment.  That’s when the bump on the first big toe joint is prominent, it’s pushed over and crowding the second toe or rubbing on the shoe or discoloring. Often, there is also toe pain associated with the visual deformity.

The second type of surgery are digital surgeries and that’s everything from a long second toe or the toe is getting pushed up in the shoe or the quintessential hammertoe or claw toe, some of which are associated with foot pain.

Different types of foot corn deformities or discolorations in the skin from rubbing or pressing on the shoe and we might recommend a corn removal procedure.

Pain of course. The 5th toe is another real common one besides the second toe, pressing in against the shoe and creating toe pain on the fifth toe when any type of slim type of shoe that is enclosed. The most common is the female dress shoe or pump, if you will.

And, speaking of pump, there is something that we’ve coined the “pump bump” and that is the bump on the back of the heel from rubbing on the shoe. This area back here will become raised and painful but also discolored and not too attractive. Those are also very, very easy to fix.

Other procedures include treatments for Hallux Valgus or, bunionette treatment  and other very simple procedures.

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