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Multiple Cosmetic Problems

A complete cosmetic foot surgery makeover in essence is specific to each patient. In this case, the bunion, bunionette, hammertoes, and skin / corn deformities that she had from birth were corrected on her right foot first.

Toe Shortening and Lengthening

We are world-class specialists in cosmetic foot surgery. Correction of multiple structural as well as cosmetic problems are addressed at for this patient.

Difficult Problem Resolved

Mr. Fuentes had an unfortunate string of surgical complications from a different surgeon. After a year of battling an infection and multiple wound debridements, he came to our clinic for a second opinion. We are pleased that his problems are resolved has returned to all normal activities.

Cosmetic Bunion Surgery

This patient had a bunionectomy surgery for both activity and cosmetic reasons. She had no post operative pain, followed instructions, had her sutures removed at this visit, and went on to return to shoes in 3 weeks, running in 8 weeks.

Daysi Gracias-Spanish

Big Toe Replacement

Es la cirugía para tratar la deformidad de los huesos del dedo gordo del pie. Para obtener más información sobre este tipo de deformidad, ver el el canal de You Tube.

Ms. Scott had her first great toe joint replaced. She is now at 4 weeks after surgery already with less pain than before and her additional ankle arthroscopic procedure is doing well also.

Neuroma Surgery

Heel Spurs and Toe Spurs

Ms. Rummage had previous relief with cortisone injections and orthotics supports. Over the years her neuromas grew too large and had to be removed. This is a simple out patient procedure with minimal pain and post operative care.

Mrs. Hardin has had out patient surgery and in-office surgery with great results. Heel spurs and toe spurs are quite easy to correct permanently both in an office and surgery center setting.

Florinda Ruiz-Spanish

Big-toe joint with swelling

Estes paciente tenia juanetes en los dos pies, decidio operarce por la molestia que los juanetes le causaban.

Mr. Moss had first big toe joint pain and swelling for over 10 years. He was told that the fusion procedure was painful and would take over 3 months to heal. He had both great toe joints replaced with the Primus implant and is now back in shoes walking with less pain at 4 weeks.

Bunion Surgery

Repair of a past surgery

This patient had bunion surgery, second toe shortening, and fifth toe spur/corn removal on both feet.

Mr. Miller came to my office with a “once bitten, twice shy” attitude about additional surgery on his feet from a poor outcome of a prior surgery. These are the cases that make a surgeon feel great about what they do. Enjoy playing golf Mr. Miller!

Mallet Toe Surgery

Handling Insurance Billing

A quick story on one patient that needed

big toe joint replacement surgery


A new patient call from Los Angeles.  Somewhat unusual that he wanted to travel across country to Houston. He mentioned that the medical equipment company that makes the toe joint replacement device recommended Moore, Foot and Ankle as the foot doctor that puts in more of their toe joint replacement devices than any other podiatrist or foot surgeon in Houston.  This patient also commented that he appreciated watching the toe joint replacement surgery video on our website so he understood exactly what was involved with the surgery process.


As a result, we replaced his big toe joints in both feet.  Its worth mentioning that his big toe joints were very damaged, he was experiencing significant foot pain, and he really needed to have surgery to get back to a normal quality of life and mobility.  By the time the sutures came in about two weeks, he was comfortable enough to go back into shoes had total relief from his joint pain and flew back home to Los Angeles.

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Meet our Doctors

Dr. Robert Moore III   Dr. Robert Moore, Foot and Ankle Specialist, HoustonBorn and raised in Northern California; I was active in year-around sports and played a year of college football at U.C. Davis while following my father’s legacy as an engineer. After taking a biology course a year later, I quickly realized that the ultimate machine was the human body and transferred to U.C. Berkeley to graduate with an Arts Bachelor in Physiology. My love for the Bay area, Mother’s nursing influence and experience in a clinic watching foot surgery convinced me to attend medical school in San Francisco.


Upon completion of my degree, I was selected to attend a surgical training program in Houston, Texas where I now reside. I am grateful for the experience, training and excellent medical community here. My position on hospital committees and teaching surgical techniques at our residency program keeps me on the cutting edge and up to date in this ever changing health care sector. Now in my fifties, my daughters, clinic, and pursuit in the wellness industry renew my enthusiasm for life, daily.


MEDICAL  Expertise and Experience

  •     Ankle Arthroscopic Procedure
  •     Cosmetic Foot Surgery
  •     Heel / Arch Pain
  •     Fungal / Ingrown Toenail
  •     Ankle / Foot Joint Pain
  •     Sprains, Fractures and Repair
  •     Sports Medicine

Dr. Blanson  Dr. Blanson, Foot and Ankle Specialist, HoustonBorn and raised in Houston, TX, Dr. Blanson excelled in the arts, science and athletics. Dr. Blanson received both academic and athletic scholarships to college, and after several years as a collegiate athlete Dr. Blanson decided to focus his efforts on academics.


He attended both LSU and Southern university in Baton Rouge where he graduated with honors with a B.S in Biology and a concentration in both Anatomy/Physiology and Zoology. After deciding upon a career in medicine Dr. Blanson attended Kent St. College of Podiatric Medicine where he graduated in the top 10 percent of his class with a 3.9 GPA. Dr. Blanson then accepted one of the nation’s best foot and ankle surgical residencies in the nation where he trained with doctors from a multitude of surgical specialties and attained specialized certification in rearfoot/ankle reconstruction and trauma surgery. Dr. Blanson has special interests in trauma, reconstruction, pediatrics and cosmetics.


MEDICAL  Expertise and Experience

  •     Ankle Arthroscopic Procedure
  •     Cosmetic Foot Surgery
  •     Heel / Arch Pain
  •     Fungal / Ingrown Toenail
  •     Ankle / Foot Joint Pain
  •     Sprains, Fractures and Repair
  •     Sports Medicine
Dr. Lara Zacca, Foot and Ankle Specialist, Houston

Dr. Lara Zacca

A native Houstonian. Dr. Zacca is Board qualified in foot surgery and focuses on sports medicine, pediatrics and cosmetic foot surgery.  She is passionate about diabetic limb salvage, training extensively in the VA hospital system. Dr. Zacca graduated from Baylor University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology before obtaining her podiatric medical degree from Dr. William M. Scholl School of Podiatry in Chicago.


She is the daughter of world-renowned cardiologist Dr. Nadim M. Zacca, who has been an inspiration for her fine surgical skills and bedside manner.


MEDICAL  Expertise and Experience

  •     Ankle Arthroscopic Procedure
  •     Cosmetic Foot Surgery
  •     Heel / Arch Pain
  •     Fungal / Ingrown Toenail
  •     Ankle / Foot Joint Pain
  •     Sprains, Fractures and Repair
  •     Sports Medicine

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