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We are board certified surgeons and experts in delivering care for complex foot and ankle disorders as well as cosmetic or reconstructive procedures, problems related to sports injuries and other medical conditions.


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Plantar Fasciitis Care Houston
Arch Pain Care Houston

Deformed and mis-aligned toes can be reshaped, enhancing cosmetic appearance: We can straighten, shorten, toes and even remove painful corns to look better and feel better in shoes.


Ankles are a complex joint that can suffer from a range of problems from sprains to fractures to arthritis. Get relief now.


The heel absorbs the entire body weight with each step and more with activity and pressure in shoes.


Plantir fasciitis, flat feet, burning pain, easy treatments are available


Neuromas, joint pain, dislocations and calluses, take a look at the newest treatments for relief

Stress fractures, ganglion cysts, bone spurs, this area commonly swells during the day and aches at night

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Foot Surgery


Cosmetic Foot Surgery

*These surgeries are COVERED BY INSURANCE, come in for a consultation and make your feet beautiful!

ARTHROSCOPIC and JOINT REPLACEMENT procedures for ligament repair, arthritis, gout and big toe joint pain.

Ankle Replacement Surgery

Foot & Ankle



Sports Injury



Top and Bottom Foot Pain

FAST and SIMPLE TREATMENTS for Sports Injuries, Stress Fractures, Arch Pain, and other problems in this part of the foot.


Skin + Nails


Problem Toenails

PERMANENT and SAFE remedies for Ingrown Toenails and resistant Fungal problems

Premier Cosmetic Foot Surgery Group


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Meet our Doctors

Dr. Blanson   Dr. Blanson, Foot and Ankle Specialist, HoustonBorn and raised in Houston, TX, Dr. Blanson excelled in the arts, science and athletics. Dr. Blanson received both academic and athletic scholarships to college, and after several years as a collegiate athlete Dr. Blanson decided to focus his efforts on academics.


He attended both LSU and Southern university in Baton Rouge where he graduated with honors with a B.S in Biology and a concentration in both Anatomy/Physiology and Zoology. After deciding upon a career in medicine Dr. Blanson attended Kent St. College of Podiatric Medicine where he graduated in the top 10 percent of his class with a 3.9 GPA. Dr. Blanson then accepted one of the nation’s best foot and ankle surgical residencies in the nation where he trained with doctors from a multitude of surgical specialties and attained specialized certification in rearfoot/ankle reconstruction and trauma surgery. Dr. Blanson has special interests in trauma, reconstruction, pediatrics and cosmetics.




MEDICAL  Expertise and Experience


  •     Ankle Arthroscopic Procedure
  •     Cosmetic Foot Surgery
  •     Heel / Arch Pain
  •     Fungal / Ingrown Toenail
  •     Ankle / Foot Joint Pain
  •     Sprains, Fractures and Repair
  •     Sports Medicine

Dr. Robert Moore III   Dr. Robert Moore, Foot and Ankle Specialist, HoustonBorn and raised in Northern California; I was active in year-around sports and played a year of college football at U.C. Davis while following my father’s legacy as an engineer. After taking a biology course a year later, I quickly realized that the ultimate machine was the human body and transferred to U.C. Berkeley to graduate with an Arts Bachelor in Physiology. My love for the Bay area, Mother’s nursing influence and experience in a clinic watching foot surgery convinced me to attend medical school in San Francisco.


Upon completion of my degree, I was selected to attend a surgical training program in Houston, Texas where I now reside. I am grateful for the experience, training and excellent medical community here. My position on hospital committees and teaching surgical techniques at our residency program keeps me on the cutting edge and up to date in this ever changing health care sector. Now in my fifties, my daughters, clinic, and pursuit in the wellness industry renew my enthusiasm for life, daily.


MEDICAL  Expertise and Experience


  •     Ankle Arthroscopic Procedure
  •     Cosmetic Foot Surgery
  •     Heel / Arch Pain
  •     Fungal / Ingrown Toenail
  •     Ankle / Foot Joint Pain
  •     Sprains, Fractures and Repair
  •     Sports Medicine

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